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//SMARTLogix Launches Electronic Driver Logs and Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting Applications Provided by Innovative Software Engineering (ISE)

SMARTLogix Launches Electronic Driver Logs and Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting Applications Provided by Innovative Software Engineering (ISE)

April 11, 2013 – SMARTLogix, a leading provider of petroleum management, inventory and transportation logistics solutions, announces the availability of eFleetSuite, ISE’s compliance application suite featuring Electronic Driver Logs and Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting (DVIR) applications. eFleetSuite applications provide SMARTLogix customers with an easy to implement, easy to use paperless compliance solution. eFleetSuite applications are compliant with FMCSA regulations specified in Part 395, section 15 and Part 396, sections 11 and 13.

Designed with intuitive driver and dispatcher interfaces, eFleetSuite applications improve safety and regulatory compliance as well as fleet productivity. The in-vehicle application serves as a driver partner automatically prompting for equipment inspections at appropriate times and automating creation of records of duty status. The result is clean roadside inspections that lead to good driving records and improved fleet CSA scores. Safety compliance officers, fleet managers, dispatchers and maintenance personnel utilize the eFleetSuite web applications for real time and paperless compliance monitoring and resource management. Dispatchers can review driver logs, edit logs as appropriate and use the real-time information to enable better resource utilization. Mechanics are provided immediate notification of equipment defects and can certify repairs using the web interface. DVIR and Driver Log records are automatically retained and then automatically purged at the appropriate time.

“eFleetSuite applications provide our customers a competitive advantage and the necessary tools to improve driver safety and ensure compliance with FMCSA regulations,” said Rick Martins, SMARTLogix CEO. “Our customers will experience productivity improvements by automation of compliance information capture, elimination of paper process and real-time notification of driver’s available hours and equipment defects.”

“ISE is pleased to have been chosen by SMARTLogix as a supplier of compliance applications for its customers. eFleetSuite’s off the shelf nature allowed SMARTLogix to quickly adopt and deploy comprehensive compliance applications,” said ISE President Hass Machlab. “SMARTLogix customers will benefit from ISE’s deep transportation experience that went into developing eFleetSuite.”

About SmartLogix

SMARTLogix is a leading provider of real-time petroleum management, inventory and transportation logistics solutions, and holds multiple process and product development patents pending. Their comprehensive suite of solutions include: Inventory Replenishment, Dispatch Optimization, GPS Forensic Resource Tracking, BOL to Delivery Reconciliation, and Paperless Transaction Integration and real-time alerts and alarms management for critical performance metrics. SMARTLogix’s primary market is the petroleum logistics business in North America and Canada. Target customers are distributors of petroleum products (bulk fuels, lubes, and used oil) as well as commercial and transportation fuel end users. The company is headquartered in Fort Mill, South Carolina. Additional information is available at

About Innovative Software Engineering

ISE is a leading full-service software development and systems integration firm providing business strategy, program management, systems engineering, software development and quality assurance services. ISE specializes in developing telematics solutions, safety and compliance applications, enterprise mobility applications and custom software tailored to customers’ unique needs. Customers come from a wide range of industries including communications, education, telematics, transportation and health care. Additional information is available at

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